Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011


It was strange when Muammar Khaddafi previously so very close to the western world now have to declare its own war with his companions, in the political world there was no permanent friends and no eternal enemies, but let me analyze the possibilities of what caused this all happened.
Is it possible to attack the allied forces to Libya is part of a plan to make the issue of proof Khaddafi upside down? in fact, after the allied forces to attack Libya, killing dozens of civilians Libya, one by one began to be obtained by Khaddafi sympathy, especially from its own people. and the fact that previous criticism has in fact obtained Khaddafi addressed to the allied forces.
Try to look at again, who is allied forces inside the country who first challenged the war Muammar khaddafi? France was the most passionate in protest even attacked Libya, but did you know that according to the recognition Khaddafi's son, the current French President Nicolas Sarkozy has never received a grant from Muammar Khddafi to the cost of the election campaign in 2007 which ultimately makes a president Sarkozy today.
Not impossible if the allied forces continued to bombard Libya, Muammar khaddafi it will have tremendous sympathy from the Muslims because of his courage against the western countries, and ultimately re-think the Libyan people to overthrow a leader who turns out to be a true knight, if so then certainly the position of the Libyan leader Khaddafi as untouchable. Surprisingly again allied air attacks which have radar reconnaissance instead often misdirected and result in hundreds of Libyan civilians were killed.
So is this a great plan from a Khaddafi? That's my analysis, rightly or wrongly let the historical record in this century.

Author: Gie Antara

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